Paul, N4LGD RAG-DP#53

Update from Paul N4LGD & Eva N4UGW. Sent Aug.27th, 2008...

To all who see these present greetings:

We have made our trek not by oxen or wagon, but we are here at The Armed Forces Retirement Home-W for better than two weeks now and are enjoying our new home since we are settled with all the check in procedures, of course it is easy to say now, but with the stowing of all our gear etc checking in with all the departments and conferences it has been a challenge.  In between time we have been getting in some walks seeing the campus with all the beauty and all historical character building that have been here since President Lincoln time when he used it for his retreat.  The quarters are great,  the chow is very good  and the staff are pleasant to associate with.  Had our first trip on a tour bus to Quantico VA where we had a retired marine conduct us and others on a will planed turn of the Marine Corps Museum.  Our mailing address for those who would like to donate their left over wages at the end of the week or beg us for a few crumbs from us the address is:
                Armed Forces Retirement Home-W
                3700 N Capitol St NW #415
                Washington DC 20011

Our Amateur Radio Equipment is setup and  have been making contact with the radio world.  There is a will organized radio club here where one can use your own rig or the stations (AF3RH) rig. I have done both....

That is from here, keep Happy Healthy and Vertical

Semper Fi and 78 and 88's

Paul and Eva
SgtMaj and Mrs Downs USMC  (Retired)
N4LGD and  N4UGW