"Cheese Head" Award provided by... Mike, W2HLD #31

Some more history...  at one time, Al W9QHN, one of the original Rotten Apples issued what he called "The Cheese Head" certificate. Leon W9OTZ did the art work for the certificate. Al would select one of the Rotten Apples, send him the Cheese Head certificate & 5-pounds of Wisconsin cheese. As you know, folks in Wisconsin are proud of their cheese and Al was one of them. Al was also proud of the Rotten Apples Group! It's not clear how he made his selections and only had issued 4 Cheese Head certificates before he unexpectedly passed away. Those who received these special certificates are listed below and thanks to Bob, K1JBS who found this info in a letter from Leon W9OTZ. We welcome your comments/suggestions and if you have any questions, let me know via email...  Take care my friends and 73's ... Jim, WD8NES

1st: Buzz, KN4VUE - 2nd: Mike, W2HLD - 3rd: Earl, N6MTG - 4th: Reggie, VA3AJ (ex.VE3EYV)